Everything is crashing

Currently all algos are always crashing, I don’t know if this is due to a season change or a new config, but it the global matchmaking currently doesn’t seem to work.


I was wondering that too, I even downloaded the current starter kit, and just uploaded the python-algo from there. The last i saw, Season 8 was going to run indefinitly using the season 7 config. However I uploaded the starting python-algo from my Season 2 folder from the season 2 starter kit, and that worked fine, so it seems like that is the problem, it’s using the wrong config. The playground config seems fine though., since the Season 8 starter algo works, but the season 2 does not.

Will investigate tommorow, sorry about this!

We are going to use the Season 6 config, which has a reasonable mix of newer features like upgrades and it decently well balanced. Season 7 was a unique one, but I wouldn’t want it to run forever with factories being so polarizing and game lengths being so short. It just misses the mark on a few of our design goals.


okay, that makes sense. I know when Season 8 first went live early it was using season 7 config, since season 7 algos could be uploaded without issue. I’m guessing the starter kit will be updated(if not already) with the correct config and everything, I didn’t play in season 5/6 so I don’t think i have a copy of that, or what terminology might be different between the last seaosn i played before 7(Season 4), and Season 6, or if the season 6 starter kit is still on your github, I should probably go check.

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Future starterkits should always be compatible with all current and past configs. Always use the most up to date starterkit

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Everything should be working ok now, I think swapping the configs after people had already uploaded algos caused those algos to fail

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I can’t use absolutely anything at the moment: after downloading the starter kit, I can’t upload or run any scripts. (Python for info.)
Other threads also seem to ask about random (essential) things not working.

I could also just be doing it wrong., what would be great is some videos showing complete install.

Edit: Just found videos that explain a tiny bit of my own situation. What does it mean when my algo has an orange/yellow background? (The upload video has the ‘new’ one yellow and others clear/grey…)

Algos can’t be uploaded at the moment

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Okay thanks for the info! Is it because of the kickoff?

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I have no idea, this happens from time to time

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Okay. Would you know from experience how long this usually takes to come back online?
Edit: Since this has happened in the past, maybe they have similar timings (I don’t know, so why not ask!). Thanks for your confirmation it wasn’t me doing something wrong.

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Idk I’m not admin!

I just tried to upload an algo, and it worked without issue. I am going to consider this resolved for now unless it is still broken for some users, in which case please open a new thread for that issue specifically

I was unaware that uploads are occasionally unavailable or down. If anyone has any information about the frequency or duration of such incidents, that would be helpful.

Uploads broke again it seems
Edit: Nvm, it’s fixed

Give algos at least 5 minutes to compile before reporting an error. In rare cases, all of our “workers” can be busy running long-running matches, and may need a few minutes before they can start handling compile tasks. Also, if an algo that takes longer to compile like a rust algo was uploaded before you their task will be handled before yours in the queue

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