Everyones rival

This is just a thing I noticed, if you go on bverdics algo analyser, I apparently am absolutely everyones rival…
Can you find somone in the top 50 who isn’t?
I checked the top 40 and I didn’t find any.
Why is this? I have been uploading a decent amount of algos lately but not that many… Well I find it kind of funny anyway :joy:


Ahhm, yeah I think you have been uploading quite a few algos lately…

…well, for me at least, your artificial_stupidity series has been 21 out of my last 100 matches, which is… many. :wink:

My match history also suggests you’re the most frequent uploader :stuck_out_tongue: . By chance, is artificial stupidity using ML at all, or just memeing?

I‘m just memeing xD
It’s interesting though, I added a bit of randomness to my algo and now theres like a 20% chance of me beating sixth item, which im happy about😁

Alright, I do agree, Ill try to reduce my uploads a bit😂

But it’s very beneficial to you isnt it? Since I always lose to you😡

Im just wondering though, are you all holding back or do I just have more time than you?
For example where is demux gone?

I suspect @kkroep is still concerned about idea protection and is working on his next static strategy. He put all his old versions up and took the Demux series down, if that’s any indication. Personally I’m much more busy this semester and can’t put any significant time in. I’m hoping to get my ML algo up and running, as well as a major change I slated for season 2, but neither is looking too promising for the near future.

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I am currently focussing on a PhD I just started. That requires a lot of work currently. I have a few neat ideas on an implementation bucketlist for future competitions. My Demux series is gone as I don’t want to leave my best performing algo out in the open while I am not actively developing for it. An iteration of Demux will definetly return in the future though :wink:

As for my biggest rival… @Ryan_Draves has the most scary algorithms against my style, last time I checked. Future iterations will be random, so I dont know what @KauffK comes up with if he discards the replay strategy. As for @Aeldrexan, I still think that the aelgoo series is a contender for the most impressive algo, but my style usually seems to be quite effective against the aelgoo series. As for the other guys… If I am going to write something about the entire top 10 I need to spend a bit more time, srry :stuck_out_tongue:.


Also sorry @Aeldrexan, your best algo currently has 31 losses and 69 wins, me being 26 of those losses :joy:, but since you haven’t uploaded(I think), I’m guessing there will be a new, better version of aelgoo soon.

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