Ever onwards!

Just wanted to give a quick heads up that this will be my final post as “C1” Ryan, I am making the swap over to “regular, unaffiliated with this platform” Ryan in the near future. (It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but life goes on.)

C1 is sincerely an amazing company, and I would not be half the engineer I am today if not for my time here. There are very few opportunities that could tempt me away from these guys, but I am very excited to be moving over to Google! Looking forward to gain some perspective from a big company after spending 4 years helping build up our startup.

It’s been an amazing journey, I am so honored that we attracted so many exceptional engineers to our platform, and had so many insane stories. One final congratulations to everyone who made an impact on our little community, you know who you are :slight_smile: .

Terminal is left in good hands! For the past few months, we handled this transition behind the scenes, and multiple engineers are ensuring smooth sailing for all of our future competitions.

For anyone who wants to keep a pulse on the Ryan lore: