Errichto stream

Hello everybody.
I will stream implementing a bot for this game on Wednesday, Friday (1pm CEST) and Sunday (evening CEST, morning for USA) this week. See the exact time (well, countdown) on my Youtube channel: link.
I do competitive programming for a living. Algorithms, boring stuff. I had a silver medal in Google Code Jam this year, and I participated in a few small create-a-game-bot competitions, even winning some. I’m new on Youtube, and I’m experimenting a lot - and this will be one of those experiments. Generally, I want to create educational content and I want to popularize algorithms.
Cheers, Kamil/Errichto.

PS. I won’t try to get top1 on my stream of course. Be welcome if you want to see how to implement something non-trivial, or just hear about my ideas, intuition, what should or shouldn’t work. I just can’t go too much in depth, because that would be cheating. Questions are welcome!

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The second part will start in 45 minutes :slight_smile: