Elo issue?

I don’t understand, but my current algo used to have an even win to loss ratio and had an elo of 1500, easy, but I reuploaded a new one and it looks like this.image

Is the first algo still on the leaderboard?

Hmm, it definitely looks unusual, but we have been monitoring the Elo system and haven’t noticed any issues. It is possible to have a fairly high winrate but sub-1500 Elo if you have lost many of your more recent games in a row. This could happen if, for example, a large number of top players uploaded algos that matched against yours.

I don’t think there is an issue at the moment, but it is important that I do a quick investigation of your match history and Elo change over time to ensure everything is good. Could you share this Algos name if you still have it up or if you remember it? You could also share its ID if you know how to get it.

If you could go here https://terminal.c1games.com/api/game/algo/mine and post your algo id I can take a look