Easier way to experiment with your own algo

Imagine if you could play as your algo, your algo’s moves would be done, but instead if hitting submit_turn() it allowed you to go back and either undo some of the moves, or add some moves. This could be really helpful in seeing what your algo could do differently in a match


Interesting idea. So you would program an algorithm, play it against another one of your own algorithms in playground, and experiment manually with some new ideas and how they affect the board? That might improve the iteration process a bit. Though I personally have some code and use this website


To quickly hardcode a new idea on top of my algorithm, so I am not sure whether I personally would use it much.

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Wow! you actually implemented it with the new “clone round in new tab” button! This is going to be very helpful, thanks!

I curate the forum and bring a lot of the ideas and suggestions here to the rest of the team, i’m glad your enjoying the solution we came up with!