Downloading matches

Is it ethical to download many many matches and use that data for our strategy?

If so, are we allowed to use scripts to scrape tens of thousands of replay files?

I mean this for matches between other opponents too.


Not sure about official statements, but there are a few implications about what you’re asking in some forum topics. The dev’s have mentioned future potential to make it easier for players to get the kind of data you’re talking about. Consider this post:

There has also been an increasing amount of hype and discussion about machine learning in Terminal, for which things to the tune of those “tens of thousands of replay files” you mentioned would be relevant. Some hype about ML, with some description of approaches that analyze very large numbers of replays:

Edit: Removed unverified statements

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I can respond to this since I’ve done some work with it. When I first discovered the terminal API I discovered a way (as I assume you and many others have) to download replays in their raw JSON format. I contacted (privately) @C1Ryan about this about a month ago and this was the response at the time:

I have since been scraping replays and have around 12,000 replays downloaded, as I talk about in the post @KauffK references for ML. Of course, C1 can change this policy any time they wish and I’m sure they’ll either confirm or refute what I’ve said above soon.


Replays are public, you can scrape them

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