Does game_map[x, y][0] return a string?

game_map[x, y] returns a list but when I write game_map[x, y][0] it returns Friendly DF, stability: 30.0, [13, 0]
but this is not a list because game_map[x, y][0][0] returns an error. I was expecting it to return Friendly DF. Does game_map[x, y][0] return a string?

It returns a list of Unit objects (Unit class found in However, if there are no units at that location it will return an empty list [] so game_map[x, y][0][0] would be out of bounds, since it has nothing inside it.

The reason you are getting the string output is not that it returns a string, but because the Unit object has been written so when you print it to the console it prints that string (which you can edit). It is done through these functions:

def __toString(self):
	owner = "Friendly" if self.player_index == 0 else "Enemy"
	removal = ", pending removal" if self.pending_removal else ""
	return "{} {}, stability: {} location: {}{} stationary: {}".format(owner, self.unit_type, self.stability, [self.x, self.y], removal, self.stationary)

def __str__(self):
	return self.__toString()

def __repr__(self):
	return self.__toString()

Where the __repr__(self): is the actual function that overloads the print to console options. Here it is just getting whatever the __toString function outputs, which is the string you see.

You can read more about it here:

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