Do shields still decay?

In the “Action” Phase section of the rules & docs it says:

  1. Each shield decays. See ‘Shielding’ in Advanced for information about shields. Note that in some variants of terminal, shields do not decay.

But the advanced section about shielding doesn’t mention this decay anywhere.
So am I right to assume they don’t decay? It’s not very clear to me.

Yes, they don’t decay anymore.

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In general there is in fact shield decay, however in the current config it is set to 0 per frame. So no currently there is no shield decay in the game.

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We set up the rules and docs page to automatically update to handle most main-season config changes. The shield decay stuff is hidden in advanced details if decay is zero, but the bullet point you noticed is not static and will not be hidden.

I should be able update this so it is also hidden when decay is set to zero. Expect this change in the next few weeks.

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