Discrepancy of unit range in 'rules and docs'

In the Rules and Docs section, the tables list the range of units having a .5 decimal place (ping = 3.5, emp = 5.5, encryptor = 3.5 etc).
However, the images of the units with the information state the units’ range without the decimal place (ping = 3, emp = 5, encryptor = 3 etc).

Which one is the correct range?

You can always check out the correct range using this method (retrieving the config). You will see it in the unitInformation array.

The reason for the docs displaying that extra .5 is that a unit can only attack those enemy units, which have their center in range and the center of a unit is always .5 distance farther away than its edge aka. outer radius.
I believe that the doc earlier stated units’ ranges to be equal to range + .51, but they might have changed it to the current version because it is easier to understand. However, it seems a bit misleading.

Basically, both are correct in their way because they represent exactly the same if you take them for what they are. Units in Terminal cannot move .5 distances, but only a full (1) distance at a time.
If you want to make sure that you are always getting the correct values, you can make use of the game’s config as I mentioned above.

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