Dev stream soon

At 5:30pm ET, when this post is 2 hours old, I’ll be hosting a dev stream. We will talk briefly about work we have been doing recently and our priorities for the next few weeks, and then stream six games highlighting some top players who we can expect great things from in the coming weeks of S5!

I will save a VOD for anyone who wants to view the games after the live broadcast.


Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in! Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements, and feel free to share any games you would like to have casted. Here is the stream if anyone wants to check it out.

TLDW: We discussed our ongoing attempts to increase site speed and stability while cleaning up our code and handling tech debt. As always, let us know if you see room for improvements! The leaderboard and MyAlgos page should be significantly faster. We also streamed some of our top players games.

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Thanks for streaming the games, it was fun to watch!