Details on competition

some little things:

I initially thought that you had to be from the Waterloo university to take part into the end January competition. But then I saw that anyone could register to it so I gave it a try and… my school email is not considered as a valid school email.
something else: I guess the word ‘live’ in the competition name means that it is an event where you have to be here in person. But there is not much info.

I thought maybe it could be useful to have for each competition a tab with practical info to answer all those little questions: what it is, who can register, is it in person or online? and whatever information you consider as useful.
I think it would add some clarifications :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi arnby,

Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve recently transitioned to calling our in person events ‘Live’ and are working on being able to clearly communicate this quickly.

What do you think would be the best way to display information about who is able to enter a certain type of competition? Beyond “what it is, who can register, is it in person or online?”, what other info would you consider useful?

In the competition template from season 1, I would just add a tab ‘Information’ aside ‘Players’,‘matches’ and ‘live’.

So when you click on a competition, you get the essential information and you can see whether or not you want to/can join this competition. I would see the content of this tab as something like this:

In this event you will... (quick introduction, sponsors...)

round-robin, single elimination ...

joining conditions, deadlines...

The idea would be to gather here every information that we previously had on this forum with dedicated topics. This tab could also be used for updates, changes or precisions added later on for this competition.

The Waterloo event has a different display, but I would still put a first page with information instead of the current form to register: I would place this form just after. (when I tried to join, I had the feeling that I did not know what I was signing up for)

For online competition, I guess there is not much more needed. But for live event, maybe the location and a very quick idea of the agenda so we can see if we will be available. A more detailed agenda could be given later once the player has registered.
Maybe you can also emphasized the opportunities available in live events or anything that would make us want to make the trip :smiley:

This is basically what I had in mind


Is it open to anyone because when I try to register I get the message " SORRY, THIS COMPETITION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS FROM UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO

I guess you meant “it is not”?

I meant to include a question mark at the end of my comment.

It’s for Waterloo students only, not sure if alumni counts though…
In any case it is not open to all.

Hey everyone I just started a new thread to answer some of these questions (this event is open to current Waterloo students only).