Cross Check

Here is a small tool from me:

Code and idea is mostly based on Terminal Tracker.
But it shows result of ALL YOUR algoes, and you can compare the results vs specific enemy algo.
(if there is available information for that )

So you can check if different configuration have more success vs specific algo…
with just ONE slow load :slight_smile:


Nice! I used to use Felix’s tool for this, but it doesn’t seem to work as well for it as it used to.
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do I find my user ID?

Also just a suggestion, color coding would probably be easier to read visually than letters (at least for me).

@owenvt you can get your user id using this link:

@Demorf I really like it.

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Yep, styling is awful. I wanted to get it functional for start.


Understandable, thanks for sharing!

Minor updates:
added new option to also display ALL matches, instead of only CRITICAL (where you have at least one Lose)
added personal algo information for rating and total win/lose count
removed the error if last algo does not have any matches yet.

Check it out, any feedback is welcome:


@Demorf thanks for adding the option to view ALL matches. I use both variations a lot.
And the additional information for (rating and win/loss ratio) are very useful aswell. :+1:

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Added small update with option to asynchronously loading the player info (thanks to the new api calls):

Now it is easier to identify how you match up vs specific player, or in a specific ranked tier.
(I am thinking for a way to reorder the table for this use cases)

Also added links to AlgoName, and PlayerName

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome!


Very cool stuff! I would love to see what @owenvt suggested next, I think color coding could really help in the overview.

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Both these links are very useful. Previously I did both things without having the links which took of course longer.

Yes color coding would be nice, but @Demorf please keep the normal browser behaviour, that links that I have clicked already are displayed in a different color (purple by default).

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Changed styling to Dark Theme. Please tell me if you hate it too much I might make it as optional.
(Any color schema suggestions are welcome)


Fixed user link with the new API structure.


Thanks for fixing the issue with the changed API structure.

I like the dark theme in general and I’m also happy with the change that links that have been cllicked have now a bigger difference in color than before.

I played a bit around with colors and I think its not so easy to find the right colors for a dark theme. But I still have a suggestion, to make the links to users and algos in a different color than normal text like the rating or so. These are example colors (blue): image

These are the exact colors if you want to use them: #66ACFF and #0060AA

Maybe some color for the losses would be nice aswell, but so far I haven’t found nice colors for them.

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Feature Update:

  • Adjusted the line-breaks a bit to fit well on smaller screen, or to fit more algos.
  • optional prefix, that will remove matching algo names, and leave only the version/params
  • optional algo_id list, that will load the results for older algos no longer in your active list.
  • highlight for the hovered row.


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Great stuff @Demorf, do you mind adding an option of only loading top 10 algos? That could be useful for the finals.


I was thinking about it, adding a filter to only see matches with specific players.
But this data is not available directly. you need extra call for each match to check who the enemy player is.
(or pre-fetch this data before hand …)
I do this in the additional info columns on the side, and you can see how much time it takes…

It is not impossible but it is really limited use-case.

And if you are worthy for the top10, you should’t be getting loses from other players then the top10 anyway … :stuck_out_tongue: