Countering enemy's EMP

Hi guys,

Does anyone have any idea on countering enemy’s EMPs attacking the same location? I know Scrambler works but it’s hard to predict the correct timing to summon Scramblers and the number of Scramblers needed to counter enemy’s EMP. Destructor gets destroyed easily and summoning sufficient Destructors is insufficient in each round since they are destroyed every round.

Thank you!

From my experience, EMPs are pretty effective at neutralising each other. Assuming you just want to prevent enemy EMPs from dealing damage to your defences, deploying an equal amount or even slightly less EMPs to that location should be sufficient to completely neutralise the enemy’s EMPs, or destroy most of them (a few destructors should be sufficient in dealing with 1 or 2 enemy EMPs if they make it through, but you shouldn’t be getting stacks of 4 or 5 EMPs if you counter with your own).

Also, encryptors are extremely effective in conjuction with EMPs, effectively tripling their health with one encryptor, and encrypted EMPs are quite effective in shredding enemy un-encrypted EMPs, so keep that in mind.

Thanks, RuberCuber! I’ll try it out. :slight_smile:

Do you place filters in front of the destructors? I think building too many destructors is quite cost ineffective.

Yes, which is why I am looking for a better way to do this. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!

I think there is no way around the fact that EMP’s are going to cause major damage, its just about where that damage occurs. In my opinion, the real danger occurs when they target your corners. There is not enough space to effectively defend against them without loading up on destructors, which as was mentioned above, is not cost effective. My thought was maybe find a way to force them to the middle of the map, where they may do damage, but not as much because they will be forced to travel vertically instead of horizontally. The real damage happens when they travel horizontally and destroy everything in the front lines, which is why the corners are extremely vulnerable to this tactic.

I found that it’s effective to use Scramblers to counter them on corners.
Surely Scramblers cannot get close to them and destroy the EMPs but that’s okay, they are there to distract.
The EMPs will target your Scramblers first when timed right and get close enough to your Destructors to get destroyed by them without doing too much damage.
That’s a good trade to sacrifice one or two Bits to save 3 Cores per saved Destructor.

The challenge that comes with that is to send enough and time it right to not get them destroyed by the enemies Destructors before the enemy’s EMPs are there.

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