Confirmation- Using another language?

I know there’s already a topic on this, but there was never any acknowledgement from the admins/mods. I know that as of now, python is the only language that there’s an official starter kit for, but are we allowed to use other languages so long as they will run on the server? Its doable- the process can be started from a custom bash script just as before, and all the commands & data can be serialized and piped to / from the java game engine, so any language that can be compiled to / interpreted on their machines will actually work. I would just like some confirmation from the contest creators whether this would be allowed or not, before I go about writing a parser and rough game simulator in another language (specifically C).

Just acknowledging that I see this and am talking to the rest of the team to work out an official response. It may take a bit since some of us are not yet in today


Alright, I’ll keep checking the this thread for updates then. Thanks for letting me know this topic is being looked into.

In short: You can do this, but we can’t guarantee it will continue to work long-term.

We are continuing to iterate and improve upon every aspect of our platform. While we can ensure that algos written in languages we officially support will keep working, it is unlikely that unsupported language algos will continue to work without any issues. In addition, we may change our stance on allowing this in the future.

Having the expertise and determination to do something like this is cool and we want to support this kind of ingenuity. If you are willing to take the risk that your algo may become incompatible with our platform, you are free to go ahead with your plans.