Competition Frontend Update

The Competition Details, Algo matches table, and User-Profile pages have been redesigned and given new functionality. In addition, you can now view public-profile pages of other users. These pages are new and have a large amount of added functionality. This post covers some highlights.


  • For competitions that have not started yet that you have joined, you will be able to see the participants in the competition. You will be able to join a
  • While competitions are live, there is an ‘all in one’ flow so players can do everything they need to do in a linear order without leaving the competition page. This includes viewing custom rule changes for the config, uploading competition algos, submitting algos to the competition, and viewing the current leaderboard (based on Rating prior to the competition actually being run)
  • After a competition is over, it will transition to a historical record, showing a winners table showcasing how everyone placed, as well as an improved matches table. Note that some past competitions with certain competition formats may show some incorrect information.

Profile page

  • Setting your information (Location, name, etc) is now more hidden away in an ‘edit information’ tab.
  • The new profile page has a modular design that we can more easily add modules to.
  • The first module is the ‘active competitions’ module, showing competitions that you have participated in recently or are participating in.
  • You can view other user’s algos and algo replay table on their public profile page. You can access this page by clicking their icon anywhere it appears within a competition. We will be adding this to the leaderboard as well in time.

My Algos

  • Visually adjusted replay table
  • You can now upload an algo folder without zipping it. The original zipping functionality has been disabled. We did this because one of the most common issues that caused bad uploads was incorrectly zipped algos, so we removed this step entirely.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the changes in this thread, we are sure there will be some tweaks and adjustments.


I really like the reworked MY ALGOS page. Especially the fact that matches open now automatically in a new tab.
I also noticed that instead of uploading a zipped folder, you now have to upload the folder without zipping it.

This feature was available for some time through community projects and is now finally also available without them. Although I still prefer using the community tools for this, since they give a better overview and more direct links to other users or algos.

Looking forward to that :+1:

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Somewhat funny development story is that this feature was not meant to be part of this large update, but the very foolish developer who added it accidentally branched off of this feature, and it didn’t make sense to try to rebase and resolve all the merge conflicts so we just merged it into this feature instead.

Ill edit the post for clarity

From a user perspective at least for me, removing the zips will be a time saver.
I keep all my algo versions so i can review and play them locally …
but the zips for them are only used for upload and don’t have any value for me and just add extra steps.

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I’m having an issue with the folder upload where it doesn’t upload subfolders (i.e. the gamelib folder). Is anyone else having this issue?


What browser are you using? And what OS? Does this happen every time you upload, or only sometimes?

Actually, the error was on my end. Sorry for the bad report. I was not copying all the files I needed when I was making a new folder (so that my algo could have the right name).

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Its still helpful to hear this sort of feedback, it helps us build up our knowledge of common user errors, and potentially improve error messaging or other UX to avoid those sorts of things.

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Since the frontend update I’m getting this weird health bar bug:


Is this just me?

Nope, I see it as well. Will fix early next week.

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