Competition Details and Summary

I personally would like to be able to see a little bit more about competitions before entering. There used to be a summary with additional information about a competition when you clicked on it. This has been removed with the new system of applying (which I do like overall). However, given that now some of these competitions are involved specifically for job opportunities it would be helpful to view information besides just the following:


Specifically, some information about who the employer is (I assume C1 in this case), some more details about the opportunity including things like location, experience level expected, etc.

Currently, the background page simply has information about the user, I feel like this could be a good place to add some further details.

Speculating on the business model here, I don’t think there is specific employer, with a specific job offer behind each competition. It is more likely that C1 team shares resources like CVs, RFPs, Ranking, Code samples, with their clients on few tier levels. So if for example after 3 months company X needs a person with C++ experience and some prove of Data Science experience … they can filter the latest results, and contact few people.

You’re probably right, but I still would like to see some more details about the competition itself then. And if that is true, I think it would be helpful for them to explain that. The fact that we are having this discussion without certainty or the ability to quote means (in my mind) that it isn’t clear enough.

I agree with this input, ill share it with the appropriate team members.

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