Common Startup Issues

This thread is designed to guide players towards resources that may help them find solutions to technical issues. The primary location to find the solution to technical issues when starting out is the troubleshooting guide in the rules and docs.

If a solution cannot be found there, we encourage you to make a forum post discussing the problem you are seeing. To ensure future players can also find this information, I will make an effort to link to helpful posts from here, or update the troubleshooting guide for, especially relevant information.

All members of the community are welcome to write out ‘wiki’ or ‘troubleshooting’ posts that they feel are unaddressed be the currently available information, and I will link to them from here.

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[Windows], on a new setup, using preexisting code form GIT
all uploaded algos crash with error:
SAPlayer 1 algo_0: /bin/sh: 1: ./ not found

This happens line endings are not correct or your IDE / Git setup mess it up.
Uploaded algoes need to honor Unix line ending “\n” (and not windows “\r\n”)