CodeBullet Competition

I saw that there is a competition coming up called the CodeBullet challenge. How is it different from other competitions and is it open to everyone?


Yep, its going to be a global competition that’s open to anyone.

It’s a competition organised by a YouTuber Code Bullet:

What are the participation thresholds for extra prize money?

The prize threshold schedule is as below (NOTE – the count is based on actual submitted strategies, not just sign ups… so encourage your friends to compete!)

Starting prize: $1,000
Over 500 entrants: $2,000
Over 1,000 entrants: $3,000
Over 2,500 entrants: $4,000
Over 5,000 entrants: $5,000


seems, like we’re getting the 5 grand!

@Villfuk02 How is the Number of Entrants determined? Maybe this will give you some insights. There are currently 81 submitted strategies, but most users will probably have their algo with highest elo selected.

Even then, the maximum amount of entrants currently (assuming that every user in Terminal joined that competition) lies at 542 because that is the amount of users on the leaderboard. (hint: everyone who has submitted an algo appears on the leaderboard)