Codebullet Competition - Games are running!

Hey everyone!

We are running the matches for the codebullet competition! With around 640 users joining and uploading algos, we have acieved the 500+ user milestone so the competition will have a 2000$ prize for the first place winner.

Competition rounds will start being released around 6. At 6:30 EST I will be streaming the top 8 games and possibly other games that I find especially interesting, like if top Algos face each other early. Our winner will be determined in the final game of the stream around 7:00. You can access the stream from the ‘Live’ tab in the competition. I’ll stick around for a bit afterwards for a developer QA in twitch chat.

Thanks for participating everyone! If your interested in more competitions, we have my C1Ryan challenge coming up where you will have a chance of facing my algo in a single-round elimination bracket. We also have new competition structures other than single round elimination in the works, and are planning on implementing more frequent and predictable global competitions soon!


I agree about reversing the order, but I do believe there is already a built in “watch” button. The round number in each row is a link to the match for that row (based on past competitions).

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@n-sanders Thanks for pointing that out. In this case I want to retract my statement:

The reason for this is that I prefer designs to be bloat free in the sense that it is not necessary to have an additional “‘watch’ button” for every single match. The link on the number is a clean solution (at least if you know about it).
Usually blue as a color symbolizes links, but the Terminal app is full of blue as a font, which is why I did not recognize it.

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Hey everyone,

The CodeBullet challenge stream is being delayed until 7pm tomorrow, and competition rounds are going to start going out tonight or tomorrow morning. All rounds other than the final 3 will be released before 7pm tomorrow.

This is our first time running a competition on this scale - we did a few dry runs with 700 very simple Algos in our development environments, and ranked matches have been going smoothly, so we were confident that we would be able to run this contest without difficulty. Unfortunately, it looks like the higher complexity and diversity of our user submitted algos and the nature of the ‘live’ environment had some unexpected impact on our tournament system.

A number of matches have been getting messed up, and we can reset them by hand, but it is a slow process. Ultimately, we want to ensure the quality and integrity of all the matches that take place, and will be spending an extra day to ensure that tomorrows stream runs as smoothly as possible.

Sorry about the delay, and for failing to notice the extent of these issues early enough to provide better notice about the reschedule.