Cloning Turn in Sandbox Mode fails

When you try to clone the turn in new tab, while running with the SandBox config,
the new tab does not fully load and has some errors:

not properly rendered message: “Disconnected: time exceeded, internet unstable, or rare server maintenance”
console log: '‘server disconnected’


Definitely not something important, but may be there is an easy fix

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Thanks, made a ticket for this

The clone round in new tab feature does not support old config formats, pre season-5. I updated sandbox config to be a S5 config so it will work for sandbox mode but “clone round” will continue to not work for the ‘classic’ and ‘S3’ configs, or user-uploaded legacy configs.


May be related to the above fix, PlayGround on SandBox always fails now,
after you submit the first turn (even empty on both sides)


Attempted to deploy while still loading frames 
Attempting to update unit selection while loading frames
server disconnected

Odd, will investigate this soon.