Check for No Direct Path

I was reviewing few options for PathFinding algorithums again, and it drives me crazy,
that there are 2 different problems that need to be solved:

  • Find The Best direct path
  • If there is no direct path, find the optimal suicide spot.

Most algorithums are hard to be optimized for both tasks …
So I was thinking, is there a simple way to check for No Direct Path, and just find best suicide location…
Or the reverce, validate that there IS Direct Path, and run an optimized algorrithum, without bothering for Suicide colcolations …

Just a simple example:
if you check the list of enemy units, and not the full range of X coordinates are present (0-27) there should be “hole” in their defence.

Keep in mind that your own filter units can prevent a direct path too (either by themselves or in combination with the enemy’s).