Changing to a university student

I have been an active member of Terminal in the past (I didn’t have time for a while, so had to stop), when I was in high school. However, I am now starting university, at UWaterloo. I received an email for the competition, and tried to sign up. However, to fill it out, I had to change my profile from high school student to university student. Most of that process is fine, but it requires me to input a GPA. The problem is, I don’t have a GPA yet, because I just started university. How can I get around this?

If it lets you add non-numbers you can write NA. Otherwise you could try -1.00 if you’d like. Or you could do 0.00 or maybe your high school GPA.

Weird that there isn’t a good solution to this!

Sorry about this,

The best solution for now is to put a number that you think is a reasonable estimation of how you are doing. Your high school GPA would also be reasonable.