Can't get the offline program to work

When I run engine.jar, nothing happens.
I have Java 10, Python 3.7 and powershell too

How are you calling the program? Simply running engine.jar will (and should) do nothing. You have to run the script in the /scripts folder.

scripts/run_match.ps1 algos/[FOLDER NAME] algos/[FOLDER NAME]


scripts/ algos/[FOLDER NAME] algos/[FOLDER NAME]

Oh ok…
So on windows I can do this:
scripts/run_match.ps1 algos/starter-algo algos/starter-algo

scripts/run_match.ps1: line 1: =\algos\starter-algo: No such file or directory
scripts/run_match.ps1: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token {' scripts/run_match.ps1: line 2:if (!$args[0]) { $algo1="$defaultAlgo\run.ps1" } else { algo1="($args[0])\run.ps1"}’

what am i doing wrong

Ok, I have figured out, what to do thanks to this post:

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