C1Ryan challenge request: Everybody against C1Ryan 1st round

Hey guys,

I have a request for the upcoming tournament. As it is called “challenge C1Ryan” I would like the tournament to start off with everybody challenging C1Ryan, and then a single elimination for those who managed to beat his algo. I think that would be more fun than a standard single elimination, especially now that @C1Ryan has been hyping up his algo so much :joy: .

There are only 118 participants currently, so even including this first round, it would be way less than the code bullet challenge. And besides that, I expect @C1Ryan to actually be able to eliminate the majority of the contenders, if not all, so the second round should already be really small. If @C1Ryan manages to beat everybody, he is the supreme leader of bragging rights, but I would be very surprised if that happened.

This is a better idea because I think everybody wants to face off @C1Ryan . We can just make it so that the winner of the resulting single elimination get’s 200,- instead.

What do you guys think?


I also thought of a nice bonus. I noticed that some people have a “top player” and “employee of the month” description on the forum. I don’t know how those are handed out, but maybe as an extra reward for everybody who gets through the 1st round you get a description of “defeated C1Ryan”. That would be pretty nice.

If C1Ryan manages to beat everybody he can a sticker of “>_Terminal::GOD” or something similar.



You can make some badge like “Top Player” your title in the preferences of your profile (if you have them).
I think they are just manually given.

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O I didn’t know that, tnx :smiley:!

I prefer

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We currently do not have infastructure in place to support brackets containing 0 players.

On a more serious note, I don’t think we are going to change the prize structure so soon beforehand, but i’ll put my algo up as a boss for anyone who wants to challenge it afterwards since relatively few players will get to actually play it in the competition.


I think it’s definitely a good idea to have an actually difficult boss. My algos often destroy Hound Dog and Starfish, and then lose to all sorts of algos in the ranked matches, so this would make bosses a lot more useful for testing.

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