C1Junaid Competition Discussion

Looks like we have a winner for the first $100 prize: https://terminal.c1games.com/watch/1365059

Despite being WinterSoldiers the algo did not win the war of attrition.


Oh that’s neat, I wasn’t expecting that.

I’m also scratching my head as to why Cthaeh selected its maze form for that match, but my detection engine has become a super spaghetti cludge that’s getting tough to debug. One of these days I’ll have to burn it to the ground and make a better one, haha.

In the meantime, hey, looks like it worked here :grin:

Good work KauffK! Does anyone know when the live stream will be on, I never know when they are happening?

6:00 pm EST I believe

I can confirm we will be streaming at 6PM ET

Congrats @Aeldrexan on your second tournament victory! You’re cleaning these up :sweat_smile:
I made it to the final match this time, but I knew from the leaderboard what the result of the match between those particular versions of our algos would be and I was secretly hoping someone else would take you out first. Oof.

I’ll get you in one of these tournaments, eventually! *flails arms angrily at the sky*


Congrats @Aeldrexan! I’m really sad I didn’t participate (espcially because my algo does quite wel against yours generally), but honestly I am too busy being impressed that you managed to win the thing despite everybody being able to practise against your previous iteration. Astounding achievement!

You clearly put in a lot of effort to improve this algo wrt your boss algo


Such a shame we didn’t see you, I still haven’t seen your new ‘Epiphany’ algo play. Can’t wait to see it in the next compitition

@Aeldrexan @KauffK
We will be reaching out soon for prizes