Built-in 30 step turn simulator

Do you guys ever match with a top algo and think to yourself “Oh they must have an insane state of the art turn simulator that probably knows the date of your birth and can predict the next time C1Ryan goes to the bathroom” but then look at their computing time and it’s a third of yours?

Yeah me neither, my rank isn’t high enough to match with them.


Define top algo :thinking:

Well for me personally, having a pretty nice simulator, I more often feel like, “Dang! That algo has a really good choice of when to save up for a big enough attack and mine, through simulation, gets so scared it is just peeing its pants until it dies!”


Let’s say, hypothetically, that there was an algo so good that the point difference to 2nd is five times higher than any other season. I would probably call that a top algo.

Hypothetically of course. Like that would ever happen.

I don’t think what any of my algos have what would be considered a turn simulator, plus i feel like my code is messy and unoptimized. I guess maybe I’m just lucky?

Honestly, if you want to make a better algo, watch the games you lose, go through it a turn at a time, and figure out how you would beat that algo, if you were playing by hand. Identify what your algo is doing that resulted in it losing, change it, and try again.