Bug Reporting - Responsible Bug Disclosure

Hey everyone,

As many of you are aware, @zenka pointed out the existence of a few major exploits in the forum last week. Unfortunately, I was on vacation and did not see this until now. A patch should be released by the end of the day resolving all issues that they noticed.

Bringing this to our attention is appreciated, but going forward we are instituting a responsible bug disclosure policy. We ask that exploits that could have a negative impact on Terminal or its players be sent directly to me or another member of the C1 team in a private message, or emailed to games@correlation-one.com.

Posts spreading information about these sorts of info will be removed in the future, and re-instated after the bug has been addressed. A small number of community members have moderator privileges on the terminal forum and are encouraged to remove these posts in the future.

In general, regardless of what software you are using, I encourage everyone to message the software maintainers when security, privacy, data integrity, or other ‘dangerous’ issues are noticed and give them a reasonable amount of time to resolve it before making the issue public. Once an exploit is publicly disclosed, it becomes an all hands on deck situation for the maintainers.

@Zenka has been awarded the ‘Pumpkin Eater’ forum title for being a big old cheater