Browsing leaderboard algorithm matches?

Browsing leaderboard algorithm matches?


Just found out about this stuff yesterday, and I’m having such a blast - thanks to all who’ve contributed to this project.

I’d love to watch the matches of the top leaderboard algorithms, is there a way to do this?

Also, are these forums the main place that mostly everyone communicates, or is there some kind of brainstorming chatroom somewhere?



Here is a great advanced leaderboard made by one of the top players. It works pretty well and there’s a post for it here. If you click the ID of the algo it will redirect you to a page that tracks matches. Everything else should be pretty straightforward.


Amazing, thanks! Didn’t realize you could click the ID


Yeah, most of the communication is here on the forums, although the community is still relatively small! Most of the brainstorming I do is with a couple of friends at school


As @acshikh stated, this is the best place for communication. The community used to be much more active (myself included) but I imagine many people have simply become busy with other things as time went on (why I’ve been silent for a while). We welcome all discussion and I’d personally love to get some fun stuff going again :).