Better visuals for Health Damage, and Time Damage

One suggestion for better visuals on the game:

Currently it is really hard to see (especially with the new speeds) when units under fire are scoring,

how much Health damage they actually do, without rewinding.

Also damage from overtime is almost invisible, you only realise it is there … when of the players suddenly dies …

(I know algos are not supposed to take Time Damage, but it often happens even to tournaments)

I don’t have good suggestion how to visualise it, but a floating text, lingering for 2-3 sec near the breach point, or near the health would be nice.
Or to go even simpler, it may be displayed in the “Details” information panel.

I just noticed there IS a message in the details:
That is displayed at the end of the game, and seems to be the sum of all timeouts ?


yes, better visuals might help marketing the game i feel, i like terminal gameplay but the codingame def has great artwork and visuals for example.

I agree, I would like to see a shift in the speeds (for visualization), basically moving everything “down” at least one level. I used to put speeds on 4 and 8 for most of the match, now 1 is still fast for pings and I never use even 2 because the pings just zip by so fast.

Ill adjust this this week

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As for visual improvements we have some big refreshes possibly coming out. This is all super useful and constrictive feedback btw!