Best place in code to train ai

so if i want my algo to update and train an ai on the website and i wanted it to do tis afer the game so it doesnt get timedout.what place in the code would be the right one

also i would want to know if there is a way to let it play a more games online cause i think if i train it on my desktop it would not have enough exaples to get better

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Your algorithm cannot learn after being uploaded to the website since it is not permitted to write or modify any files. If you want to train an ML model you will need to do it on some other compute hardware

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ok so i will have to train it on itself rigtht?

During the competition, your algos will play significantly more matches than they do during terminal online.

My role on the forum in terms of algo help is to make sure everyone has a solid understanding of how to use our code to create algos and minimize the friction and confusion people feel when working with our platform. Specific algo strategies and implementations, like ML, are outside the scope of what I can help with.

Other users are welcome to share their thoughts of course.