Best Name for a Live Competition

Hey everyone,

I was asked to share this post with you. As always, feel free to fill out the poll and leave your thoughts/comments below.

We are planning a few live competitions in early 2019, and we would like your input on the best competition name. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Most people won’t be familiar with Terminal, so the name of the competition should help explain what the game is
  • Competition name should attract both coders and data scientists
  • Competition name should sound cool and fun

Please help us find a great name by filling out the poll below, or by nominating an alternate name in the thread!

  • Coding Competition
  • Algorithm Competition
  • Algo Competition
  • Algo-Coding Competition
  • None of these

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Coding Competition

I feel like the only name that would not sound bonkers to me (I guess that is what you asked for) would be “Coding Competition”.

"Coding Competition" does not really fulfill that ambition and thus I voted for “None of these”.

I would always say that I participate in a “Coding Competition”, but in my mind a name can easily be longer to contain more details.

Algorithm Competition

“Algorithm Competition” sounds really dull to me, possibly because it is, unlike “Coding Competition”, not an alliteration. Same goes for the “Algo” ones, but they have another problem:

Algo(-Coding) Competition

I would like to share my personal experience here: I can vividly remember how I felt joining the competition.
Back then, I also created a topic talking about my on boarding experience. The fact that that was surprisingly intriguing and a very harsh introduction stood out to me.

Joining the forums, there was another “harsh introduction”. The website and the existing posts about the game all used the term “algo” instead of “algorithm”. It was definitely a neologism for me and felt really awkward.

In the community using a term like “algo” is great because it adds personality and technical terms specific to Terminal.

However (to come back to my point), no one knows what an “algo” is supposed to be outside of our community because it is just not a term in common language (outdated data, but still proves a point).

None of these

Now, I would like to pick up on what I started in the beginning: I think that the name should give a little more context than just plain “Coding Competition”.

I mentioned that “‘Algorithm Competition’ sounds really dull to me”. Combining them would be one possibility I could imagine. Maybe “Algorithm Coding Competition”?
That, for some reason, sounds a bit clinical to me. A little more enthusiasm/color might be wise: “Coding Competing Algorithms”? (definitely not choose any of those, I am just trying to explain my thoughts with some examples)

I am really unimaginative when it comes to these tasks :sweat_smile: Thus, I hope that you got the gist of my feelings about the current suggestions.
(I hate sharing criticism without any good suggestions, but I feel like the thoughts can still be useful, maybe I will come up with something somewhen)


Algo duel


The character limits are extremely annoying i’m going to look into disabling them

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Liked the slogan used in the last update mail about joining finals.
Something derived here:
Algo head-to-head competition