Apply to be a Terminal Ambassador (2019 World Tour)!

Hey Everyone,

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the work so many of you have put into our first season of Terminal. The forum is our favorite part of Terminal, and our entire team loves visiting the threads on a daily basis to see your newest ideas (our second favorite part is watching your algos dominate C1Ryan and C1Junaid).

2019 World Tour:
We’re excited to announce that in 2019, we are kicking off a global world tour of live Terminal competitions. These competitions will be for top students and professionals to showcase their skills and compete in live tournaments (with a few wrinkles), and the events will also provide exclusive networking opportunities to meet with AI teams at top companies. Our first two competitions will be in New York City and London this March (competition applications will go live in a few weeks).

Terminal Ambassador Program:
We are planning to hire a few Terminal Ambassadors to help us market and run these live competitions. Before posting the job opportunities publicly, we first want to give our devoted forum contributors a chance to apply. The Terminal Ambassador role is a paid opportunity, and all Terminal Ambassadors will also be considered for full-time opportunities at C1.

If you are interested, please email your resume to as soon as possible. We are hoping to make our first Terminal Ambassador hires this week!



Sounds awesome, too bad it’s all the way in NY and london :stuck_out_tongue:

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