API to download replays

I would like to download as many replays, as i can get my greedy hands on, to further train my NN. It would be nice to download all replays of my own algos, but if they were just random, i would not care either.
i know how to do it manually, but that is of course tedious and slow, so an api would be very nice.

I have something I will release in January. It can download by algo id, by rank on the leaderboard or by match id

There is a way to download replays code-wise using the terminal api. I intentionally did not include it in my api starter kit (see open source contributions) since it is something I feel you should find on your own to use it (for now). However, if people are interested I would be willing to package some odd 10,000 replays I have downloaded and make them publicly available for everyone to use.

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Hmmm totally forgot that, but here is the core function to download replays: https://github.com/arnby/Terminal

I have scraped the top season 3 replays and posted them to this github for easy upload / download without bogging down the terminal servers.

Github is usually meant to pull (download) or push (upload) code as it evolves over time. That being said, it is possible to download a single replay from the github via clicking on the match of interest and downloading it without all 20GB of replays.

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