Algo swap in the S6 championship

There was an algo that was automatically swapped for a different algo when games were run due to an automated system. However, I had mistakenly communicated that the algo would be able to participate to its owner, @HOSO and their team. This post is here to reasonably resolve the issue.

What happened

  • @HOSO asked to swap algos to one of their solo algos
  • This player was playing on a team
  • An automatic system kicked the solo algo and auto-filled an eligible team algo.
  • This is intended. Solo algos are not eligible for team players, to prevent them from having 12 algos to choose from by being on a team by themselves.
  • I forgot about this rule and communicated to them that this algo would be used

Because the algo selected was their highest-rated S6 algo, it was reasonable for the other competitors to be matched against it, and it being selected was a known possibility for all of them going into the finale. For this reason, I do not plan to adjust anything about the season finale for any other players other than @HOSO

I will be contacting @HOSO directly about reasonable proposals for compensating them for this mistake.

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Should individual algos even show on the leaderboard if they aren’t eligible to be used? If the individual algos were not included, would it change the top 10 rankings? That also seems potentially problematic.

I could be wrong, but it does appear to me that Hoso intended to use the team to upload 12 individual algos, which I also thought was legal until this point, and under these assumptions it was reasonable to expect @HOSO to use S6_2 because of its matchups against Acshi and Demorf.

I believe I would have won 3 matches had S6_2 been used, but I had a somewhat lucky division besides that, and the prizes are low enough that I don’t care too much about additional compensation.

I agree that this was not communicated properly and should have been. During most competitions, it is impossible to make a mistake here, you will only be able to select a team algo in the UI when working as a team. This is yet another reason I need to make an explicit ‘season finale’ competition.

We cant change the past, but I agree that this should be clarified. The current behavior is that if your solo algo is your highest, it will appear, and your team algo will not appear on the leaderboard. But even I can’t think of the exact behavior of how it affects your teammates off the top of my head, which speaks to how forgotten that mechanic is. I think it will show your teammates solo algos if they are higher than the team algo when your team algo is hidden, but not the team algo.

I will clarify this undefined behavior soon. Its added to my todo list.