Algo Submission Issues with Competitions

I am currently participating in the Terminal X competition. I am able to upload an algo to the competition just fine. Then, if I leave the competition to see my “normal” algos, I can see and remove them no problem. However, if I add the exact same algo it gives the error pop-up saying it failed.

This isn’t a major issue, since I’m primarily concerned right now about uploading algo’s for the competition, but the rules are similar enough I’d like to face more opponents to get a general idea about how it faces against more strategies. In the competition, there simply aren’t enough different algos to get a really good sense of its overall capabilities.

I’m wondering if C1 can look into this, @C1Ryan @C1Junaid and if anyone else in the competition is also experiencing this.


I asked that already at the slack channel. C1Ryan told me they found the issued and that they will release it soon, but probably haven’t yet.
If you really want to submit your algo to normal mode you need to have total number of algos in normal mode and competition less then 6.

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Ah, that makes sense. I didn’t get a slack channel invitation (I’ve sent an email but haven’t heard back yet) so thanks for filling me in :).