Algo showing up in Leaderboard but not my algos


I’m seeing one of my algos appear on the leaderboard (rushv6-7) but it’s not showing up in the my algos section. Is anybody else seeing this?

Yeah there seems to be a bug on the leaderboard right now. I deleted all the algos from my old account (AI-KEAN) but the top algo from that account is showing up on the leaderboard despite being deleted.

I remember reading somehere that if you don’t manually submit an algo for the (global ?) competition,
the top rated algo from the account is automatically submited.

May be try to submit a new algo, to confirm if this is the case.

Haha, yes one of my old algos is showing but I have algos uploaded, must be some kind of bug

This bug was introduced during the season 3 update due to the addition of the following feature:

Functionality was added so that after a season transition, the previous season’s leaderboard would be archived automatically and would be viewable in a tab similar to the current season 1 archive.

One step in this proccess was allowing inactive algos onto the leaderboard, so that Season 2 algos would still be viewable on their respective board in season 3. The oversight is that this is allowing intentionally deactivated algos to appear on the leaderboard in addition to the ones deactivated automatically by the transition.

I have a more elegant solution in mind, we will hotfix this ASAP

Hotfix is out, Leaderboard should be working as intended again