Algo removed after the end of season2

Hi, today (3rd May, at 3PM in Italy) I saw that season 3 had started, and I’ve removed the algo that was uploaded in season 2 until today, now if I want upload an algo I can’t.
" Algos can no longer be added or removed until Season 3 on TERMINAL
Season 3 will begin on May 3rd. Tune in on twitch to watch the Season 2 Grand finals May 6th at 6pm"
But today I have removed my algo.

Yes season 2 was temporary unlocked, but they later fixed it:

Season 3 will officially start in 4 pm (after 2 hours) and you will be able to upload and play again.

If your ranking in season 2 was really important, try to contact the C1 team.

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We will be restoring all algos deactivated accidently soon.

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Status report on this:

The season incorrectly changed to S3 at 4am last night, and was returned to the transition state at 11am this morning when we noticed. During this time, 9 season 2 algos were unexpectedly removed, including 3 by demorf and mattia, 1 from Iwanawin, and 2 from 2 other users who have not mentioned it on the forum. We will be reactivating these 9 algos, so they appear on the Season 2 leaderboard next season and continue to compete in the last hour and a half of the season.

The net effect of this error is that these 9 algos did not play ranked games between the time they were disabled and the time they are re-enabled, which will be within a few minutes of this post.

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For me it‘s all good, it was pretty much a useless algo I removed, since I wanted to know if I could. But thanks.

thanks :blush: