Algo crashing only when fighting "unatended"

i have a pretty computationaly expensive algo based on a neural network. when running the algo on my pc or in the “play” interface on the website after uploading, it never crashed. but in the replays against other algos it always crashes on the first round.
could it be, that it goes over the computation time limit?
why does it work even when uploaded but not in ranked matches?

It seems very likely that it is caused by a timeout issue. How long does it take to make a turn in the playground? We are currently allowing some buffer time after the allotted 3 seconds, because we can’t yet guarantee that your algo will have exactly 3 seconds of CPU time, and don’t want to penalize anyone off beforehand, as that would be very bad.

If your algo is consistently taking its turn in under 3 seconds on the playground, let me know and ill investigate further. If it is not, it is definitely supposed to be taking a time penalty, and will do so more consistently in the future.

ok, i just checked, the first turn takes 14 seconds to compute!! so its compleatly justified that it gets the time penalty. i can modify it to take less time, so i will still be in the race.