Algo Bosses for offline testing

Is it possible to get offline version of some/all of the “Bosses” to test our own algos with offline?

If we release bosses to users, many players will enter our bosses into competitions and the global leaderboards- and some of our bosses are pretty tough to beat for an average user, especially since most of our users are very new right now.

Currently, because our boss algos are above the average power level of most of our players, we have no intention of releasing them. If you want to test against bosses, you will have to do so on our platform - sorry if this is an inconvenience.

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That makes sense. Thanks for explaining!

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No problem, good luck!

Can you make some kind of binary that can take the source code of our algos and produce the stats or even replays based on its performance against some boss algo without using the source code of the boss itself

The concern in that case would be that someone could de-compile or otherwise reverse engineer the bosses from such a format


As you said some users are very new to terminal ( also to programming ), how would they manage to de-compile the binary . And if you know programming, why would you steal other’s codes. and also the binary could be stripped so that the other players cannot demangle the data . Yes, it is still possible that someone de-compiles it, but it would take a very long time. And probably the contest would end within this time.

Thanks for the quick reply though …

At the point where you need offline bosses,
it is not a hard task to just reverse engineer it and code it your self.
Usually the defence is the important part, and it is obvious to copy.
For the attack patterns, just put some random chances, and turn based IF`s,
Most of the time, you will get better version of the Boss.

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