Accessing crash logs in global matches?

I currently have an algo that performs decently well in global matches, but every once in a while it crashes to some unknown reason. It would be nice to see some of the logs for the games just to gauge what went wrong (similar to how you can see the player logs in the playground)

Edit: I managed to find and fix the cause of the bug by playing the algo against some of the boss algos in the playground, but it still would be nice to see the error log in global matches

The problem with this currently is that the replay file format does not account for error logs, which is why they cannot be displayed in global matches.
(There was an official statement regarding this, but I cannot seem to find it.)

Also, I am not sure if you would want to have other users seeing your crash logs.


8 is correct here.

It is a tricky issue for a few reasons. Match replays are public, so we would have to implement another feature to share the logs with users separately, and there would have to be a decent amount of planning and design for that sort of feature. Its something we do want to do, but it wont come in for some time.

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What I’m hoping to deal with this is to develop a “challenge” feature so you can challenge the algo that caused yours to crash in playground mode and see the debug logs there. We have a bunch of infrastructure to make before then but its definitely an important feature we want to have sooner rather than later.