About Kroeptonite

Welcome back @kkroep it’s been a while.
So since you left after season 2 I think, the config was changed and now demuxes aren’t possible anymore. But I have always been wondering about what the Kroeptonite algo you promised to beat all demuxes with looked like. :sweat_smile:
Do you mind sharing since it’s a new config and probably wont be as effective anymore? (if it still is, nevermind then)

It might still be effective actually. Not the same structure, but maybe the same trick. I will see whether I can revive the idea for the next competition. Either way it looks like the changes made allow for more dynamic and aggressive algos, so it will be exciting to navigate that plane.

If the idea turns out to be no longer useful, I will see whether I can find the notes on kroeptonite and share them :slight_smile:

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