A very...erm...interesting battle between 2 high level algos

Blue is my algo, Track-3.1, elo 2206
Pink is C1Junaid’s algo, Madroxfactor3, elo 2018
2 pretty similar algos, in the first 10 turns nothing too special, some early ping rushes, EMP deployment, a few units scored by both sides.
By turn 12, a stalemate is reached. The same thing happens every single turn for the next 88 turns. EMPs spawned in exactly the same place every turn, neutralising each other in the middle. Besides the number of EMPs spawned increasing over time, literally nothing changes in terms of which units are destroyed each turn.
I find this match rather amusing. 2 high-level, well performing algos drawn into a stalemate, myself only winning by 1 health due to the units scored in the first 10 turns.

This is pretty interesting. I have reached similar stalemates for a while before, but they would always randomly break off into one side start dominating the game after a few dozen turns instead. Do you think that you might be able to take advantage of stalemates like this when fighting maze algos overall, locking them down by playing EMPs at the same time as they do?

Speaking of interesting matches and maze algos, this happened (see rounds 26-27):
My pseudo-adaptive algo lost against the maze, but this kind of waiting to deploy firewalls all at once is my plan for dealing with mazes. We’ll see if it works.

I have a similar match between my YEETV5.1 (2041 elo) and MAZERUNNER (2135 elo)