A couple suggestions

So let’s say a bunch of people upload algos that crash immediately, this means that potentially another algo around 1500 ELO that does not crash easily could gain alot of points really quickly. Now one solution is to make ELO’s reset when the algo who affected it is removed. But can make it even more complex if too many remove their algos at the same time. So here is my suggestion. If an algo crashes once, is removed within 24 hours, and is not uploaded by a top player, when it is removed the elo that it changed will reset (maybe only half of it will reset). But just to be safe we could add dynamic versions. you can click on an algo, click update, and then upload another zip file. this file will update the code of the previous algo but preserve its ELO, and it may even give it a version tag to be saved by the server. Then immediately the 2 - 4 matches will be played (just like what happenes when you upload a brand new algo) but maybe there might be a line between the different matches played by different versions and with the version number in the middle ( ---------- Version 2 ---------- ). Just a couple suggestions, feel free to change it a bit if you want