A couple bonus rounds on december 31?

It would be nice (since the prize is now shared among the top 10) to have a mini swiss tournament where each of the 10 algos competes and gains or loses 2x the ELO as a final finish. This can end off the 2018 competition with a bang, and maybe you could live stream it too!

P.S. Ryan has been the employee of the month for 2 months now…

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The ideas in your post look similar to what is discussed here:

Also, did I miss a post where the terminal devolpers said what the new structure will be? Or that they only where considering changing it? I might have missed something.

I really like my proposition, linked by kkroep, and currently assume we will be doing something very similar to that. It will almost certainly involve a stream with the top 10 players involved. We will announce this soon.