9/27/2018 CRITICAL Game And Starterkit Updates

9/27/2018 Updates

Note some of these updates were already pushed and updated prior to 9/27/2018.

Game Breaking Updates (require user action)

Starterkit updates:

  • Windows Support: Previously StarterKit on windows had an issue related to windows new line characters that made both local algos and algos uploaded to the website not work. To fix this please reclone the starter kit instead of just git pulling or the hidden characters won’t be replaced. The README.md was also updated for windows specific command line support.
  • Starter-algo’s run.sh was changed and so requires an update, you can simply git pull or download the zip again, without this change your algo will have issues if it crashes. Additionally, several bugs were fixed in starter kit and the code is cleaner with more documentation.

Game Changes

StarterKit Improvements:

  • Starter-algo now comes with a warning system to make functions more consistent. Before if you tried to place units in an invalid place it would sometimes crash, sometimes do nothing and silently fail, now they never crash and just print a warning. The warnings can be disabled/enabled simply by calling the function “suppress_warnings” that’s commented out in algo_strategy.py
  • Starter-algo now has a folder called documentation that has autogenerated navigable docs for all the functions. Users simply click “index.html” in that folder to view them.

Website Improvements:

User Interface Updates

Website Improvements:

  • When watching a game you can now click the “Details” button under your algo’s name to see how long your algo takes to compute each turn and how many cores worth of firewalls you have on the board.
  • When watching a replay file that’s manually uploaded it now shows the algo’s name based on the name of the folder inside the zip (not the zip file name). So players should keep in mind to properly name the folder in the zip as well as the zip itself if they want consistent naming when uploading a locally generated replay. Ranked matches and playground matches are unaffected only uploading a replay file is affected.
  • Hovering over a location when watching a match displays the coordinates. There is also a grid display that can be toggled with a new button.
  • When watching a game, next frame and previous frame buttons are added to the timeline next to the play/pause button that let you move 1 frame at a time for precise analysis.
  • New animations for removing your own units.
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