'You are in competition mode "Season 3" '

After watching some of the replays for the season 3 finale, I have been plagued by this banner saying ‘You are in competition mode “Season 3”’, and I can’t see any of my season 4 algos on the My Algo page. I am befuddled and can’t seem to find a setting to revert to the normal “active ruleset”.

Am I missing something simple, here?

It was the same for me, it was back to normal when I left the season 3 final competition

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My bad, i’ll fix this.

It’s because you were placed into a competition using a ruleset that did not match the current season. I’ll add everyone who left back to the season finale competitions (so everyone can see them if they go back and look at the legacy stuff) and close the competition (so they aren’t affected by the Season 3 mode thing)

Edit: Actually, the configs do match, but it was flagged as a ‘special config’ competition. In any case, should be fixed

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