Where can I play online?

This might be a really stupid question, but where can I find matches online? In the PLAY tab it only lets you play against predetermined ‘bosses’, and under competitions, it only shows stats for the competitions. Where can I find actual matches online where I can play my algo against others? Is there a specific day this takes place on?

By uploading your algo to a data bank under ‘my algos’, your algo will automatically be paired with to fight other algos online.

atm the servers are being weird so you can’t upload algos atm, but once your algo is uploaded, you should see some match replays being displayed in the ‘global replays’ section.

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Servers should be up within 10 minutes, after that your algo will randomly face algos of similar ELO ratings, and your matches will be able to be watched.

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There is a global replay section? :open_mouth: I never saw it… Can you tell me where to find it?

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If you click an algo you can see the games it played

I knew that for my algo but I thought @RuberCuber was talking about a section where you can see other players algos replays.

Sorry if I was a bit unclear, the global replay section is just where you can see where your algos have played against other people’s algos.