Where and how was this contest advertised?

The reason I am asking is because the leaderboard states there are 15k players!?

I found out very late about this, during season 2. So I really would like to know how 14k players at least got to know about this contest sooner than i did and months in advance on top of that!

How to make sure i stay on top of things and know well in advance stuff like this?

Is c1games going to make a different contest after season 2 ends?

Well it got real big, when the youtuber Codebullet made a video about this (Thats why Im here aswell) then Sentdex (another youtuber).
Otherwise I think there were mostly just smaller competitions for certain universities etc. (And some students decided to stick around)
Cant answer your question about C1‘s future plans though.

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There will be more seasons and competitions after season 2


Same here for the Codebullet challenge. I saw his video in my feed a couple days before I heard about my university’s live event. I imagine quite a few names say “Joined Oct XX” because of it, he’s a pretty popular YouTuber.

I found out about it from chatter in the Halite.io competition forum, there’s still loads of time left, ive started about 2 weeks and made it to the top 20 with a static bot plus a few tweaks. So I’m guessing theres a few less than 15k active players. A decent static list ‘gun’ or ‘maze’ algo get you in the top 100 right away.

Well, if you look further into the statistics, it also says 9000 algorithms or so. And since everyone can upload 6 algos at a time we definetly have less players than it actually says. I scrolled all the way down the leaderboard before (Im not going to do that again, it takes ages) and I remember there being about 1200 total players. This might have changed though.

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