When is the livestream of the C1Ryan competition?

Im probably just dumb but, I cant seem to find anywhere when it is going to be.
Can anyone tell me please?

Also while Im at it, to be eligible for cash wins, I need to post my resume right?
But what do I do when Im 15 and live in germany without a school Email, still wright a resume?


From an email I got sent, the livestream will start at 6pm ET today.

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ok thanks, anyone have an answer to my second question?

ok ill do that then, thanks for pointing that out

You can watch the C1Ryan Challenge on our Twitch Channel at 6pm ET.

Fun fact: @C1Ryan doesn’t know how he’s done in the competition, so tune in to see his live reaction.

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I know its not good at all, I didn’t leave myself nearly enough time to debug some issues :frowning: